I can send Spotify to HomePod using Airplay. Nice.

Press Stop and go eat breakfast.

Put on sneakers to go for a walk. Grab phone and put Apple earbuds in.

HomePod starts playing Spotify. πŸ˜‘


@richText Wireless everything this year. Honestly, I don’t see why everyone is in such a hurry to eliminate wires. They are more reliable and efficient. Fairly easy to hide, too.

@fgtech I prefer wires for reliability and low latency, but I don’t find them easy to hide. I think I would need to buy all new furniture to do that.

@mjdescy Fair enough. Some shelving is not amenable to hiding wires. I suppose I also have a lower threshold than most for picking up a drill and making modifications.

@fgtech the future is featureless technology spheres and lozenges, apparently. πŸ˜†

@richText Right! πŸ˜†

The featureless design is especially puzzling to me coming from Apple, who are supposedly all about human-centered design. With no affordances it’s impossible to discover how to use a thing.