Final HomePod Mini update: “Hey Siri, find the nearest FedEx drop-off.”


@richText So you decided to ship it back? Didn't like it, eh?

@baker The sound was fantastic, but there was clearly something wrong with this individual unit. I lost another hour today trying to get it to show up as an Airplay target. It simply refused; I couldn’t even get back to yesterday's "hey, it mostly works” status.

@richText Ah. Sorry to hear. Better luck next time?

@baker I gifted one to my son as well as myself; he didn't even open the shrink-wrap, but took it back to his apartment a few hours away. If it's still unopened the next time we visit him, I'll liberate it back here and give it a whirl. I'm hoping I just got a lemon; I'd love better sound in my office than my current old-iMac-as-stereo setup!

@richText We have two original HomePods and one new HomePod mini. They all sound great, but I was surprised at how good the mini sounds. I would definitely recommend them to others but I have had problems similar to yours with the original HomePods. Also sometimes our HomeKit automations go wonky.

Hard to know what I'm doing wrong vs. gremlins, so I can understand your situation.

@richText All of this sounds like my experience with the original AirPort Express devices. The ones that connected via WiFi always had issues while the ones I connected via Ethernet were rock solid. Sounds like Apple couldn’t improve that very much.